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Beautiful Girls x Side-scrolling tower defense x Roguelite all in one!
Build your own deck and capture the Princess' castle!

This is a side-scrolling tower defense game where you lead your units from your own castle towards the Princess' castle and capture it.
There are roguelite elements that lets you enjoy building new decks each time you play the story mode.
There are also many sexy rewards that men all over the world can enjoy!


It was once a vast world.
That is, until the three demon kings who appeared on each continent closed the world off continent by continent.
And in a world bereft of its once vast lands, many were forced to live in fear of the threat of the demon kings...

Hundreds of years have passed since then, until finally, a turning point has come.
On a particular continent, two princesses suddenly appear alongside a hero. Together, the three were able to defeat one of the demon kings.

At the same time, the two remaining continents also saw the demon kings defeated as a result of the efforts of the princesses who stood against them.
The world, now freed from their rule, finally regained its vast lands...
And so, it seems peace would finally return, however...
What little glimmer of hope existed was quickly shattered by the resurrection of the Great Demon King.

Thus, the hero and the ten princesses now face a new threat that surpasses even the three demon kings.
As if in response to the resurrection of the Great Demon King, mysterious crests start appearing on the princess' bodies.
Aware of the fact that the Great Demon King cannot be sealed again without all crests in one place, the girls gather.

The meeting, however, proved confusing for all parties.
Each princess had her own agenda, and no consensus were reached...
And so, with the fate of the world at stake, the battle of the princesses were set in motion.


full body

An ambitious and tomboyish princess.


CV:Yuuki Kuwahara


The princess of Blue Forest, a peaceful and small kingdom in the countryside.

Although a small kingdom without any particularly outstanding features, its inhabitants are known for their kindness, and the princess, Barbara, escapes from her castle to play in the city.

In addition to her childhood friend, Carla, the princess also interacts with two other princesses during the battle with the demon kings, and experiences the vastness of the world for the first time in the process. From this, she develops a complex about her own kingdom's lack as she watches her three friends boast about the strength of each of their respective kingdoms.

When she learns of the signs of the Great Demon King's resurrection, she decides to fight to save the world and bring honor to her kingdom, so that people would dub her's as the kingdom with the hero who saved the world.
As the princess of a new continent, she aims to defeat her former friends and unite the world into one.

full body

An overly conscious princess with a strong sense of justice.


CV:Eri Inagawa


The princess of Calm Colline, the largest and most powerful kingdom.

Since the defeat of the Demon King, she has been trading with all three other countries and has built up her wealth as the middleman between them.
She is especially concerned about her childhood friend, Barbara, and worries that she might do something reckless. Carla used to be a timid crybaby, but after meeting Barbara, she was influenced by Barbara's energy and grew into a capable leader supported by many.

Since Carla's is the largest kingdom on the continent, she feels obligated to defeat and seal the Great Demon King herself.
However, once she learned that Barbara is planning on defeating the Great Demon King, she also comes to think that she cannot let her friend do such a dangerous thing.

full body

A princess who aims to become the dark lord who rules over the world.


CV: Chitose Morinaga


The princess of Divine Pomme, a kingdom that studies dark magic.

As her kingdom specializes in dark magic, she is skilled in understanding the demon kings' magical power and played a key role in defeating them.

She has been in contact with Carla for a long time, but Carla's serious nature doesn't quite match up with Dorothea's mischievous behavior. And as a result of Carla getting angry at her, Dorothea became aware that she can be somewhat hard to deal with at times.

Although she may refer to the other princesses as her servants, she considers them as her dear friends. All the other princesses are aware of this fact, so they don't pay any mind to her referring to them as such.
Just when she thought she could finally become the dark lord who rules over the world after defeating the other demon kings, she learns of the Great Demon Lord's existence. Now, she aims to defeat him in what she calls a battle for the supremacy of darkness.

full body

A yandere princess whose love is too much for her own good.


CV:Eri Yukimura


The princess of Edelhaupt, a kingdom surrounded by nature.

How can one put into words the feelings she has towards Frieda? Whether its friendship, longing, or love, she holds on to those feelings that she can't sort out, and sets out to defeat the Great Demon King. In order to do this, she parts with Frieda and embarks on a journey to gather all the crests.

And once she gathers all the crests, she can make Frieda the heroine by losing to her.

full body

A lively and inquisitive princess who dreams of adventure.


CV:Chinami Hashimoto


The princess of Friedenslied, a kingdom that brings together the archipelago facing the sea in the western part of the continent.

The kingdom itself was originally formed by bringing together a group of ruffians who freely went about looting around the sea. And perhaps, it's because of this, that the kingdom has a strong and bold temperament.
In the vast world, this kingdom has grown rapidly by trading with various kingdoms through the sea.

It may be because Frieda was born in such a kingdom that she has become a princess who is full of curiosity and enjoys traveling to various kingdoms as she tries to accomplish her goal of defeating the Great Demon King.

After the world becomes open again, she hopes to travel to other kingdoms to explore. Her stance is to defeat the Great Demon King, whose existence is the obstacle preventing her from achieving her dreams.

full body

A reclusive and lonely princess.


CV:Miyuki Sato


The princess of Grand Punt, a kingdom situated in an extremely cold region covered in frost almost all year round.

Since talking isn't Grace's forte, she has little experience interacting with others, and takes jokes half seriously. For this reason, she accepts the fact that she is Dorothea's servant (best friend), and calls her master (best friend).

She is happy she was able to befriend three other princesses by defeating the demon kings, and hopes that she will be able to make more friends by defeating the Great Demon King in the now open world.

She attempts to deepen her friendships through affection-filled punishments.

full body

A very erotic princess who loves jewels and naive girls.


CV:Nozomi Nishida


The princess of Hirschlings, a kingdom situated in an oasis in the desert.

Although inferior in terms of industrialization due to its harsh environment, it has prospered as a key trading center because of its location.
And perhaps due to the nature of the land, having jewelry that cannot be extracted from the desert has become a kind of a status symbol.

Hilde, like many others in the kingdom, is quite fond of jewels and is always looking for ways to improve her own beauty to match that of the jewels.

She was able to acquire many different kinds of jewels from defeating the demon kings, but she also happens to be looking for national-treasure grade jewels in other continents, and is hoping to use defeating the Great Demon King as a cover for looting other places.

She also loves to torment cute, inexperienced girls, actively punishing them!

full body

An intelligent and scientifically-minded princess.


CV:Rena Sakutani


The princess of Inselwurzel, a kingdom skilled in mechanical engineering.

Iris is an avid researcher who has developed a unique technology that combines both magic and mechanical technology.
She is usually calm, but will actively intervene if she senses anything that might involve new technology.

She is looking for a way to eliminate health hazards her kingdom is facing due to the industrial mist in a world which has no opened up as a result of the defeat of the demon kings.

full body

A naive and, naturally, sheltered princess.


CV:Mao Amatsuka


Blitzed into the game from Prison Princess!

The princess of Aria Lara, one of the kingdoms in the continent of Meigard, which is made up of two kingdoms.

The kingdom boasts a calm and gentle atmosphere, perhaps influenced by Princess Aria's personality herself.

Together with the resurrected hero and Zena, who was captured alongside her, the three work together to defeat the demon kings.

Since then, she has been working with Zena in the now open world.
Their goal is to travel the world in a quest to find the missing sage, but the Great Demon King, who fears the powers of the hero has placed a cursed on him. Now, the three seek out crests to lift the curse.

full body

A strong-minded, tsundere princess.


CV:Fumiko Uchimura


Blitzed into the game from Prison Princess!

The princess of Zanji Zed, one of the kingdoms in the continent of Meigard, which is made up of two kingdoms.

She and Aria have deepened their friendship as a result of defeating the demon kings, and are working together to rebuild their kingdoms.

Zena, who has returned to her kingdom, is now dealing with other kingdoms in the open world. She embarks on a journey with Aria and the hero to search for the missing sage.

Since the hero was cursed by the Great Demon King, she is trying to save the him by defeating the Great Demon King.


There are roguelite elements that lets you build decks based on your own choices!

The stages of each princess you are up against are made up of multiple grids. Players must fight small fry enemies, which will appear in each square. Players can earn a lot of rewards through the 'Elite' grids, but enemies are also more powerful there. 'Shop' grids lets you buy and enhance units, and 'Camp' grids are where you can explore and earn rewards to increase your unit's level. The objective is to defeat the princess waiting for you at the end of the stage by building up your deck and using various battle tactics. There are also roguelite elements that lets you enjoy building new deck each time you play. Carefully select cards you get from battles and events to create your very own, unique deck!

  • ▲Choose a battle strategy for each grid.The cards you get and the gold you spend in the Shop will change according to your battle strategy. Choose your strategy carefully because whether you gain the upperhand is dependent on your choice!

  • ▲Battle against enemies and take down the bases to earn more units and gold!

  • ▲The Camp is where you can explore and earn rewards to enhance your units.

Use the deck you've built to take down the princess' castles!

The goal is to attack the enemy's castle by summoning units from the cards in your hand. You can summon units from your own castle by consuming 'Mana', which can be accumulated over time. There are three types of units: close-range, medium-range, and long-range. These three types have a three-way relationship in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, so the key to success is choosing units according to the enemy's type. Additionally, if you have the same unit in yoru hand, you can activate 'Override" to combine the two to further strengthen them.

  • ▲Summon units from your hand by consuming their costs. Use the deck you have created with your very own hands to conquer enemy bases!

  • ▲'Override' combines the same cards in your hands in order to further strengthen them. The combined cards cannot be used during that duel, so save it for later to use as a trump card!

Make good use of your skills to your advantage in battles!

Skills can be activated during battle when the skills gauge, which can be filled over time, is full. Each princess has one skill that is unique to her. Building a deck according to the princess' skill is also one of the keys to success!

  • ▲Barbara's skill. Increases a unit's attack power and critical rate.

  • ▲Dorothea's skill. Poison will continuously damage enemy units for a certain period of time.

  • ▲Iris's skill. Accelerates the recovery rate of Mana.

The princesses will be sent into a state of disgrace when you attack their castle!

If you damage a princess' castle, not only will her castle be torn apart, but her clothes will also be torn along with it! A certain amount of damage will destroy the princess' clothes, and if you continue to attack even though the castle's durability has already been reduced to 0, the clothes will be even more tattered, rendering the princess in an immodest state and (possibly) unmarriagable!

  • Once the castle takes a certain amount of damage,
    a princess' entire costume will be destroyed!

  • Reducing the castle's durability to 0 will render their clothes even more tattered!

Collect the crests on the princesses to seal away the Great Demon King!

To seal away the Great Demon King, you must collect the crests that the princesses carry on their bodies. To steal the crests, you must perform a ceremony known as a "Punishment." The crests emerge when the princess' body temperature and heart rate increases, so you must use items to your advantage to make the crests emerge and take them! This is the only way you can bring peace to the world, so why not be naughty and use whatever means you've got to punish the princesses? Speaking of which, even if a crest appears, it doesn't mean the princesses are going to pass away at the age of 25, so there's no need to worry.

  • ▲A ceremony conducted to steal the crest of a defeated princess. A wide range of items can be used during the ceremony. The number of items players can use will increase as they progrss through the game.

  • ▲The princess' reactions change depending on the item used and where it is being used. If you raise her body temperature and heart rate, her crest will emerge.

Each of the 10 princesses has their own story and complex motives!

The story progresses from the perspective of the princess you choose at the start of the game, so players can enjoy the story from 10 different perspectives! The number of princesses you can use will increase as you fulfill certain requirements.

  • ▲Select a playable character at the start of the game. Playable characters are unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements.

  • ▲Barbara, the princess who aims to unify the country by taking down princesses of other kingdoms one by one.

  • ▲Carla, the princess who collects crests in order to restore peace and protect her childhood friend, Barbara.

  • ▲Dorothea, the princess who collects crets in order to defeat the Great Demon King and rule the world.

There are 50 different types of units!

There are 50 different types of units! Each princess has a different skill set and initial card, so make sure to choose your units carefully according to your princess' characteristics! In addition to costs, each unit comes with its own abilities including types, ranging from close-range, medium-range, and long-range. There are also four levels of rarities which include: Common, Rare, Mystic, and Legendary.

  • Knight

  • Shieldsman

  • Assassin

  • Warrior

  • Dark Mage

  • Little Devil

  • Donkey Soldiers

  • [General] Carnelia

and more...


Game Title
Duel Princess
Date on Sale
January 13, 2022
Nintendo Switch
Roguelite Tower Defense
Supported Number of Players
Supported Languages
Japanese, English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified
Character Design
Waon Inui
Linkedbrain Inc.
Yujiro Usuda