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Zombies left, right and center!!
Will the maids be able to bring peace back to Akiba?!

A shooting game aimed at restoring peace to Akiba by controlling gun-slinging maids and defeating zombies.


Akiba is suddenly turned into the city of nightmares, when a virus that turns people into zombies appears out of nowhere! Citizens scramble to escape, but as the virus runs rampant, it quickly turns anyone in its path.

In the midst of this all, Nagisa Hihara learns that her blood might just carry a special anti-body to counter the virus.

Given new hope, Nagisa prepares herself for battle as she sets outs to save her friend Rinka and any other survivors she may find along the way.

What decisions will these girls face as they get one step closer to learning about the events that lead to the start of this pandemic?

The fight between gun-wielding maids and zombies begins!


full body

Nagisa Hihara

Voice : Karin Isobe


Shooting Weapon : Assault Rifle
Close-Range Weapon : Combat Knife

A peppy new maid who just started working at a maid café in Akiba and makes her customers feel comforted with her warm smile.

Like many, she was a victim of the sudden pandemic that spread through Akiba, leading her to escape with Rinka, which unfortunately ended in them both getting infected. However, due to the anti-body slowing down the virus, she was able to be rescued by Kanon in the nick of time.

She makes her resolve to save Rinka and fighting the zombies by arming herself with a firearm.

Her physical prowess, vision, immunity and stamina have improved to super-human levels from the anti-bodies and virus affecting her body.

full body

Rinka Kazane

Voice : Lynn


Shooting Weapon : Sniper Rifle
Close-Range Weapon : Katana

A maid who works at the same café as Nagisa. The people around her view her as a calm individual, but deep down she's just an introvert who isn't good at socializing. Though she is the same age as Nagisa, she has more experience working at maid cafés and would teach her often. She admires Nagisa for being able to talk to anyone without giving it a second thought, unlike herself.

Her hobby is playing FPS video games. So much so that she became the second best in the world, where she is infamous in that specific field.

full body

Arisa Hikami

Voice : Yuuki Takada


Shooting Weapon : Shotgun
Close-Range Weapon : Chainsaw

A member of the underground idol group "Maidol 5". She was the only one in the group who had the special anti-bodies while the rest of Maidol 5's members were zombified, forcing her into hiding until help arrived.

Whether it's getting attacked by a zombie, or being put in a life-or-death situation, she will always be serious about her role play. Nagisa truly respects her dedication to her craft.

full body

Leyla Sanders

Voice : Kanna Nakamura


Shooting Weapon : Sub-Machine Gun
Close-Range Weapon : Kunai

An exchange student who loves Japanese culture. She started working at a Ninja themed maid café because of her obsession with ninjas. She's the underclassman of Rinka at college, who first met her by chance at a Kendo tournament, where she was moved by Rinka's swordsmanship and started calling her "Senpai".

Uses incorrect Japanese on the regular. Perhaps it was because she learned her Japanese from watching anime, but she and Arisa have a synergy whenever they are together, where they geek out over pop culture.

full body

Otoha Tsuchiura

Voice : Honoka Kuroki


Shooting Weapon : Mini gun
Close-Range Weapon : Morning Star

A legendary maid who has been working at maid cafés ever since they became a thing. She knows most of the maids in Akiba, and is therefore viewed with respect as a motherly figure from the community.

A gentle spirit, but quick with her wits, as she's able to find the root of a problem immediately.
Gives advice to Nagisa and the other young'uns with her many years of experience. Just remember to never bring up her age in conversation!

full body

Kanon Mikagami

Voice : Anzu Haruno


Genius researcher who rescued a passed-out Nagisa and extracted samples of her anti-body rich blood to make a vaccine. Helps Nagisa to rescue Rinka.

She may look young, but she's nearly thirty.

full body

Miona Anjo

Voice : Yamaki Anna


A mysterious and well-endowed scientist who gets in the way of Nagisa and co.
What exactly is she planning...?


Use the right skills and destroy the zombies that come for you from behind the screen!

By defeating swarms of zombies and levelling up, you can gain a skill at random. These include being able to fire missiles, controlling flying drones and much more! Chose the skills that suit your play style the best to destroy those zombies!

  • ▲Level up by racking up experience and collecting hearts dropped by enemies!
    With each level up, you can choose one of four options, including obtaining or strengthening weapons.

  • ▲Strengthen your characters with each battle and destroy the zombies!

Go forth and use the Maid's special attack!

During battle, your gauges will fill up over time, and once full, you can use each maid's ultimate attack! Any attack you choose is incredibly powerful, but watch out, as they have a limited number of uses! Make sure to save them for the right moment!

You're not alone!
Defeat the zombies along with any stray maids you meet!

If you shoot a "Unity bullet" into a maid undergoing zombification, they'll fight alongside you!
The more allies you gain in battle, the stronger your stray maids will become!

  • ▲If you launch a "Unity Bullet" into a maid who is not completely zombified...

  • ▲She'll become a loyal ally who'll fight the zombies together with you!

Maid clothes scattered all over Akiba!

If your maids take too much damage from the zombies, their outfits
will tear, leaving them in a pitiful state! Defeat the zombies before all the soft
skin of your maids get revealed! Protect the peace of Akiba along with their purity!

Splash some specialty medicine to mend your maids!

Splash medicine onto any maids that have been zombified or maids that have run out of HP.
Really give it your all when shaking the medicine, since that'll increase its effectiveness.
This is for the sake of saving troubled maids, so don't hold back when splashing it all over them!

  • ▲The harder you shake the medicine, the more effective it becomes!

  • ▲There's no other way to cure the zombification! Put your whole heart into it, and pour the medicine on them!

  • ▲That did the trick! All cured!

Enjoy some girls' talk in a world of fierce tension!

By clearing certain requirements, you can enjoy some spicy girls' talk (Sub-stories) with the maids!
Normally, we would ask all gentleman to refrain from watching in on private girls-only
conversations, but we don't know what will happen in the middle of a pandemic,
so please watch over them for their sake too! This is an emergency after all,
so there isn't much else we can do about it!


Game Title
Maid of the Dead
Release Date
【Nintendo Switch】February 15, 2024 【STEAM】March 1, 2024
STEAM, Nintendo Switch
All-directional Shooting Action
Supported Number of Players
Supported Text Languages
Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Voice Language
Character Design
Waon Inui
Linkedbrain Inc.
Yujiro Usuda