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How many times will you die by your best friend's hand?
Break free of this cycle, or be doomed to die forever!

Just as you begin to settle in for a fun day at your best friend's house, something changes in her and she kills you. And not just once—she ends your life time and time and time again.

Your goal is to escape from this endless loop of despair.


It's Noa's birthday, and her good friend and schoolmate Nemu throws a party to celebrate.

Once in Nemu's room, Noa is pleased to receive a black diary as a gift. Nemu, however, becomes enraged when she finds Noa distracted by a photo she found in the bedroom.

Nemu, beyond the reach of Noa's words, draws a knife and plunges it into her dear friend. Again, and again, and again...

Noa's consciousness begins to fade... But when she comes to, she's in Nemu's room again, unharmed but terribly confused.

Just when she considers writing it off as a strange daydream, she notices the black diary from before is already in her hands.

It wasn't a dream...

Death claims you again and again.
Will you be able to break free of this loop?


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Noa Asahi

CV:Honoka Kuroki


The protagonist.

Noa is likable and congenial towards anyone she meets, earning her quite a few friends despite her shyness. She's smart and decently athletic on top of that!

Those qualities led her to reach out to Nemu, a lonely-looking girl attending the same college.

Now close friends, Nemu wishes to celebrate Noa's birthday together and invites her over. However, something in her suddenly changes...

This is where Noa's death loop begins.

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Nemu Tsukishiro

CV:Yuuki Takada


Nemu is a student at the same college as Noa.

She spent her days lonely and isolated until meeting Noa, their time spent together gradually bringing them closer.

Around Noa's birthday, Nemu invites her friend over to celebrate... But an incident at that time leads her to kill Noa.

Something besides simple friendship stirs in her heart for Noa...

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Akane Higuchi

CV: Haruka Yamazaki


Akane attends the same college as Noa, which is how they became friends.

She can be lazy about things and has a habit of slacking off, often begging Noa for help with homework or to mark her as present for classes.

Contrary to her usual demeanor, she has an extremely good memory and never forgets something she's seen. However, this skill never comes into play for her studies.

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Suzuka Hayami

CV: Satsumi Matsuda


A student at the same college as Noa.

A diligent student, she and Akane have been friends for a long time despite how often they seem at odds.

She often finds herself having to keep up with the brash and reckless Akane, though she is sure to give her an earfull along the way.

Suzuka is particularly dexterous due to her mother encouraging her to sew at a young age. She's even given Nemu a handmade plushie before...


Jump through time to change your destiny!

The investigation portions of the game are rendered in three-quarter view.

Work toward your escape by searching rooms for the items and clues needed to solve puzzles and disarm traps. Time travel to obtain new, useful information capable of changing your destiny.

Your goal is to use the methods available to you and escape the never-ending loop of death.

  • Thoroughly inspect the house for clues to help you escape this death loop!

  • Obtaining new items can change your fate...

  • Uncover hints to help you disarm traps and solve puzzles!

Your dear friend stalks toward you with a knife.
Use the items at your disposal to escape!

Nemu may try to corner you while you're investigating a room. Use the items around you to stop her and make your escape, otherwise you'll be killed and sent back in time!

  • Watch out for Nemu! She may pursue you during your investigation!

  • Create traps with the items you've collected!

  • Your traps can slow Nemu down and give you a chance to escape!

How many times must you be robbed of hope?!

Your actions will lead you to a number of different endings.

However, it seems like only sadness and despair await you each and every time. Will you really manage to escape this cycle of death?!


Game Title
Sentimental Death Loop
Release Date
【Nintendo Switch】July 6, 2023 【STEAM】July 28, 2023
STEAM, Nintendo Switch
A desperate time-travel adventure
Supported Number of Players
Supported Text Languages
Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Voice Language
Character Design
Yujiro Usuda